The Importance of Color and How to Choose One

I love my house, and I’m sure you love yours. It’s not surprising: after all, our home in Montreal is where we spend most of our time. It’s where we sleep, where we eat, where we relax. Consequently, it’s also what we look at and see the most. You’ll logically want a Montreal house whose interior and exterior look good, not only to you but to any potential guests too.
Designing a home can be hard, with so many aspects to keep track of. Furniture, accessories, ambiance, mix and matching all these characteristics can prove to be a nightmare for any aspiring interior designers. However, one of the most beginner-friendly adjustments with the biggest impact on overall style is the choice of paint. Countless scientific studies have proven that color, and your choice of it, has a huge impact on mood and overall health. Blue is relaxing but moody, red is energetic but tiring, and so on.

What does this mean? It means that not only does your choice of wall paint affect the style of your home, it also has a direct impact on your health and well-being. Knowing the effects a coat of paint can have, it may understandable scare any non-painter from attempting the daunting task of painting a wall or floor.

Thankfully, house and residential painters like Peintres Prestiges are here to help. They offer their professional painting services to Montreal and more. Their teams of house painting will not only give you advice on making an educated choice but will also do the hard part of painting your color onto your surfaces. Our professional work is guaranteed to last through the seasons, including the harsh Montreal weather.

Choosing the Colors
It’s natural to be a bit nervous about choosing a color for house painting. After all, there’s a lot of time, money, and effort that goes into repainting a home, so you want to make sure you get it right! In this article, we will focus on seven interior color options to change your mood and give yourself a fresh start. The key to choosing a good interior color is to look for colors that can show off the space well and can make your house look bigger and brighter. Making these colors fit with the Montreal ambiance is a plus!

A new coat of house paint is a great way to bring elements of your personality into your new space. It’s smart to invest in house painting early on, as it gives you a chance to truly make it your own and make sure that it really feels like home. Painting your interior with colors of your choice is an important step, and it requires planning, and it should be taken seriously. New colors will give you a fresh start and make you fall even more in love with the place where you live and Montreal.

Before you choose a colour palette for your accent wall, the first thing you need to do is survey the colours used in your whole house and the individual rooms in preparation for the residential painters. Wall colours are the foundation for accent colours, and without having a proper idea of the foundation, you cannot build the visual structure.

Your accent colour must be complementary to the colour of your walls. Colours that do not complement each other will end up looking more bad than good.

Then think of the purpose of your Montreal room. Just as each room has a separate purpose, each colour has a distinct psychological effect.

Also look at the items you have in your room and their colour. Having a lot of colours in a single room can be overwhelming. Instead, go for a unique hue and use tonal variations in the house painting.

If you decide to decorate your room with plants, then you are already bringing a green accent in your room. You can elevate the look by choosing a green colour palette as the choice for your accent wall.

Some Suggestions

Taupe is an amazing choice for interiors as it has a beautiful neutral side to it. Despite the lightness and neutrality of the shade it still manages to add in a hint of color to your walls. The paint comes with a variety of different shades and undertones, including grey, lavender and brown, which can all give your walls a sophisticated look. Taupe is a timeless and practical color that will make you fall in love with the interior of your house as it adds just a hint of color to your walls.

Charcoal Gray
If you want something a little more dramatic, charcoal gray is a great option. It is offered by most residential painters. While many darker colors can make a room feel smaller, charcoal gray helps to create a more intimate space. It is an incredible addition to your interior as it makes the walls seem to disappear and brings in beautiful drama to the room. The charcoal color has just the right amount of warmth in it, which looks amazing on walls. Since it’s a neutral, it looks great with just about any other color, which gives you plenty of options for accent colors.

Windy Sky (Light Blue)
This lovely shade of light blue works well as a neutral, while also giving your home a slight hint of color. It is a cool-toned shade that helps you make a subtle statement and does not overpower the space. This color creates a sense of calmness and serenity to your room and it also pairs well with many other wall colors. Pair it with a palette of soft pastels to create a soothing space to relax in. It also fits with the whole city ambiance of Montreal!

Light Grey
Light grey is a great choice to showcase your home’s features, as it is a cool color. Grey is a great alternative to beige, with a modern flair, perfect for house painting. The color has cool tones that contribute to creating a calming and soothing atmosphere that can also make the room look bright and more open. For a modern monochromatic look, light and pale grey shades work seamlessly together in an open living space. It’s a versatile color that adds drama to your walls especially when it is coupled with black or white in Montreal.

If you plan on going all white, choose something that has cool undertones. We do not suggest making use of a stark, bright white, as this can tend to feel too clinical for a house. Instead, use of soft cream shades along with slight grey or blue undertones. White is known as the color of natural beauty and purity, which makes it a great choice for a simple, minimalist look. Add some colorful accents with your white walls to give your house a more modern and dramatic look.

One of my personal favorites is chamomile, as it gives that hint of warm yellow to your room without being too overpowering. The color definitely stands out on its own, but also pairs well with other strong colors such as teal, magenta, bright yellow, and burnt orange.

Exotic Red
Exotic red is a rich and deep, complex paint that adds in beauty and drama to your house. When it is paired with a crisp white, it pops out and looks ultra modern, fitting Montreal’s theme. If you want to bring some energy to your house, then this is the color you need. It’s definitely a bold choice, but we’re sure you will fall in love with the look of your room once you bring in some exotic red.

Painting Other Things
If painting walls a unique color isn’t your thing, then choosing a bright color and painting an end table, dresser or table might be the way to go in Montreal. House painting and residential painters can work with many other things. There are many different types of paint and even unique hues in stains, so think about what color you’d like and what you’re most likely to use the piece of furniture for. If painting a kitchen table, you’ll want paint that is more durable and stands up to spills than if you’re simply adding a bit of color to a table that holds knick-knacks.

As for kitchen cabinets, white cabinets with black granite countertops might be the current rage, but what if you thought outside the box a bit? Instead of painting old, builder’s grade oak cabinets white, what if you went with a color that was unique? More distinctive trends include cabinets in a deep navy blue with gray tiles on your backsplash. And don’t forget the ceiling! One trend in house painting that has been growing in popularity is adding a pop of color to a ceiling and keeping the walls a neutral color. This tends to add a fresh color without overwhelming the room. If sitting with friends and visiting, the color is barely noticeable, but it does make a statement when someone walks into a room. Consider white walls and a pop of orange or lime green on the ceiling.

You could also use sectioned accents: create a section of accent color rather than an entire wall. This allows you to highlight a fireplace, artwork or some other unique feature of the home without committing to that color for the entire space. Want a wall for your big-screen TV? Set off just the section where the TV rests with a block of color. There are many different ways to utilize sectioned accents. If you’re unsure of the best use of this technique, consult with a professional painter. Even if you do the work yourself, a painting entrepreneur will give you a plan for what you should do to create that unique look.

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